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Sky Race

Informazioni sulla gara 2017 - Information about 2017 Sky Race



Venerdi 13 Luglio

Sabato 14 Luglio Skyrace7

Domenica 15 Luglio

Condizioni di ammissione

Rispetto alla legge francese, necessario produrre una fotocopia della tessera sportiva FIDAL o di un certificato medico (di meno di un anno) di idoneità all'atletismo (abbiamo l'obligazione di tenerlo mentre une anno) .

Iscrizioni on line  Logo Genialp Acceuil

Bolletino d'iscrizione (in caso d'iscrizione per posta)

Tre primi di ogni categoria.


Sky Race Max : 67km - 4500m + da 20 anni
Chaberton Sky Race : 41km - 2650m+ da 20 anni
Sky Race des Anges : 27km - 1500m+ da 20 anni
Sprint Sky Race du Chalvet : 14km - 800m+  da 18 anni
Kilometre vertical du Chaberton : 3.5km - 1000m+ da 18 anni
Sky Race Solidaire : 7km - 80m+ da 16 anni

Pacchetti Gara
  - pettorali & chip
Ultime iscrizioni il venerdi dalle 14:00 alle 19:00, sabato dalle 05.00 alle 08.30 e dalle 15:00 alle 19:00 e la domenica dalle 08:00 alle 10:00.
Tasse iscrizioni
Sky Race max : 40 €  - 50 € dal 2 aprile (48 € on line)
Sky Race Chaberton : 30 € - 35 € dal 2 aprile (33 € on line)
Val Sky Race : 25 € - 30 € dal 2 aprile (28 € on line)
Sprint Sky Race : 15 € - 20 € dal 2 aprile
KV Chaberton : 15 € - 20 € dal 2 aprile
Sky Rcae solidaire : 10 €

Materiale obbligatorio

Sky Race Max e sky race Chaberton : Sacca acqua da 1 litro almeno e gel per la gara , giaccha da pioggia con cappuccio, vestiti tecnici (gore tex o altre), un fischietto e una coperta di emergenza.
Sky race des Anges e  Sprint Sky Race du Chalvet : una porta borraccia (mini 75cl) e una giacca vento.


Ristori e medici saranno presenti lungo il percorso. Ristori fuori zona proibito. 3 ristori per posto acqua per la sky race max, 2 per la Sky Race Chaberton, uno per la Sky Race des Anges, KV Chaberton e Sprint Sky Race.

Tempo limite

Per causa di sicurezza, cancelli sono previsti. Dopo questo tempo limite, i corridori si fermano
Sky Race Max  (tempo limite 14 ore)

11.00 : Ristoro Cesana Km 23.
14.30 : le Bourget vallée des Fonts Km 36
17.30 : Ristoro Col de l'Izoard Km 46
19.00 : Cervières Village Km 55

Sky Race du Chaberton : 13h00 - Ristoro Cesana
Sky Race des Anges : 11h30 - Ristoro Monginevro Km14
KV Chaberton : 09h45 - colle del Chaberton. km 2


In caso di maltempo o altro, l'organizzazione può modificare i tracciati (anche durante lo svolgimento della gara)


Nessun rimborso, maglietta puo essere rimosso da un altra persona, non verranno effettuati spedizioni .



Friday 13 July

2pm - 7pm : Race pack and last registrations

Skyrace4Saturday 14 July

Sunday 15 july


Regarding french law, a copy of sport licence or medical examination (less than one year) certifying your physical conditions for the race is compulsory. (The organizers must keep this copy for at least a year)
All Competitors must be covered by an individual accident insurance. The race is also covered by an insurance.

Online registration  Logo Genialp Acceuil

Registration form (in case of registration per post)


Sky Race Max : 67km - 4500m+ from 20
Chaberton Sky Race : 41km - 2650m + from 20
Sky Race des Anges : 27km - 1500m+ from 20
Sprint Sky Race du Chalvet : 13km - 800m+ from 18
KV Chaberton : 3.5km - 1000m+ from 18
Sky Race solidaire : 7km - 80m+ from 16

Race pack : bibs & chip

Late registration on friday from 2pm to 7pm, saturday 5am to 8.30am and from 3pm to 7pm and on Sunday from 8.00am to 10.00am.

Max : 40 € - 50 € from April the 2nd (48€ on line)
Sky Race Chaberton : 30 € - 35 € from April the 2nd (33€ on line)
Sky Race des Anges : 25 € - 30 € from April the 2nd (28€ on line)
Sprint Sky Race : 15 € - 20 € from April the 2nd 
KV Chaberton : 15 € - 20 € from April the 2nd
Sky Rcae solidaire : 10 €

Compulsory equipment

No personal seconding will be permitted and no vehicles will be allowed on the course apart from organizer's vehicles

Sky Race Max : 1L or more hydration backpack, energy gels, waterproof jacket with hat, running jersey and tights (gore tex or other brand), fleece, beanie and gloves, headlamp with extra electric batteries, a whistle and a water proof emergency rescue blanket foil .
Sky race du Chaberton : 75cl or more hydration backpack, energy gels, technical jacket with hat, a whistle and emergency rescue foil.
Sprint Sky Race du Chalvet : a carrier belt (mini 75cl) and a windstopper jacket

Feeding and aid stations
- checkpoints
During the race, participants are prohibited from receiving any help or assistance other than the one offered by the Organization Feeding and air stations along the trail. 3 feeding stations for Sky Race Max, 2 for Sky Race Chaberton, one for Sky Race des Anges, KV and Sprint Sky Race .


Some checkpoints have a particular closing time
Race Timing; Race time is started at the checking of the timing chip at the start and stopped when the chip/dibber is checked at the timing station at the finish.
Sky Race Max (race time limited to 15 hours)

Check points
11am : Feeding station Cesana Italy - Km23
2.30pm : Le bourget - Vallée des Fonts - Km36
5pm : Feeding Station Izoard - Km46
7pm : Cervieres village - Km55

Sky Race du Chaberton : 1pm feeding station Cesana Italy - Km23
Sky Race des Anges : 11.30am feeding station Montgenevre - Km14
KV Chaberton : 09.45am Chaberton pass - Km2


In case the weather conditions are severe, the organisers reserve the rights to change the routing and format, or part thereof, of any leg, race or day at any time during the event.


3 first of each category.


No payment back, your race shirt can be taken by another person, we cannot send it. You can have an issue for the next race (trail blanc or snowrace 2019)

Media rights

Competitors hereby explicitly authorise the Organiser of the Competition as well as their stakeholders, such as partners, sponsors and the media, to use any still or animated (audio-visual) images on which Competitors may appear and taken on the occasion of their participation in the Competition.


Participants can make a claim during the first hour after the results are published. All claims will be sent to the Race Director an shall comply the following requisites:
- Name and last name of the person presenting the claim, ID, and to whom he/she represents.
- Data of the participants affected. Bib number.
- Facts claimed


14 & 15 juillet 2018

Sky Race running

7km to 67km